Judy Stiegler and the Future Pac Do It Again

The October 25, 2010 Bend Bulletin, Section B, exposes Rep. Judy Stiegler’s latest TV ads against Jason Conger as being out of context and misleading in describing Conger’s position on education issues.  The ad states that Jason Conger is so far right that he is wrong for Bend.  This same message is contained in campaign fliers that have been mailed to the residents of Bend.

What Judy really means is that Jason Conger is so far right that he is wrong for PORTLAND.  Judy has tried to convince her constituents that she is not a big spending, liberal Portland politician masquerading as a common sense central Oregonian.  Her actions, however, speak much loud that her words. 

During Judy’s first campaign in 2008, the FuturePac was her single largest contributor, paying over $292,000 to get Judy elected.  She repaid her Portland benefactors with unwavering political support in the legislature.  As a result, FuturePac views Bend as one of its political colonies and just like Great Britain in the 1776, it will not give it up without a fight.

Now, it wants a repeat that performance and will stoop to any big city trick it can to smear Judy’s opponent.  It hopes that it will frighten people so badly with their unsupported allegations the they will just believe what it says and will not attempt to verify the truth.   For anyone that does try to get that verification, the FuturePac’s dishonesty will be quickly exposed.


About Dan Re

I am an attorney who has lived in Bend and practiced law since 1981. In educating myself about the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), I was shocked at how the PERS laws were changed by the legislature, once legislators were allowed to join PERS in 1971, 26 years after PERS was first created. Those changes personally benefitted the legislators who made them at the direct financial expense of the people they were elected to represent. That is wrong and I intend to change it. In 2009, I started a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation, In RE The People, Inc., for the purpose of informing concerned citizens of what happened regarding PERS and other issues of social and civic importance. I then created this blog to further that objective.
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