Stiegler and the FuturePac Tag Team the People

On Monday, October 25, I received a campaign flier from Rep. Judy Stiegler  promoting her as an advocate for children.  The flier also claimed that Judy is fighting to keep everyone safe.  It cited her support for 24/7 trooper coverage on our roads.   Judy’s  flier made no mention of her single-handedly  passing a law that released hundreds of dangerous convicts from Oregon prisons before they had served their full sentences or how that early release law protected anyone.  But, the flier also contained no false statements about positions of her opponent, Jason Conger.  This was a real change for Judy and I thought it might be a turning point in her strategy.  I was wrong.

The very next day, I received another campaign flier from Judy’s number one political supporter, the FuturePac of Portland.  This flier repeated the various misstatements about Jason Conger’s positions that Judy and the FuturePac have used in the past.  The same misstatements that the Bulletin has described as desperate lies.  Judy’s name was not mentioned in the FuturePac flier but it didn’t have to be.  It was clearly part of the tag team effort by Judy and the FuturePac to re-elect Judy and salvage the FuturePac’s $400,000 investment in her.

The FuturePac flier ended with its favorite line, Reject Jason Conger, he’s wrong for Bend.  Can a bunch of super liberal political bosses in Portland really know what is right for Bend?  I don’t think so.  They only know what right for their big city political objectives and that is Judy Stiegler.  Jason Conger scares them.


About Dan Re

I am an attorney who has lived in Bend and practiced law since 1981. In educating myself about the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), I was shocked at how the PERS laws were changed by the legislature, once legislators were allowed to join PERS in 1971, 26 years after PERS was first created. Those changes personally benefitted the legislators who made them at the direct financial expense of the people they were elected to represent. That is wrong and I intend to change it. In 2009, I started a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation, In RE The People, Inc., for the purpose of informing concerned citizens of what happened regarding PERS and other issues of social and civic importance. I then created this blog to further that objective.
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