In RE The People is an Oregon non-profit corporation that is tax exempt under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The purpose of the corporation is to provide information of civic importance to the people of Oregon that is necessary in making informed decisions.

Contributions to In RE The People ARE NOT tax deductible and the names and address of contributors are not subject to disclosure.

If you would like to support In RE The People’s activities, please send a contribution to:

In RE The People, Inc, 70 SW Century Drive, Suite 100 – 365, Bend, OR 97702.

PERS members, from the Governor, to most of the legislators, to all of the judges control Oregon.  They have taken millions of dollars of our money that they can and will use to protect their own personal financial interests.  Your support of In RE The People is critical to its ability to inform the people of what is happening.   Once the people are aware of the situation, it can be changed.  Without that knowledge, however, nothing will change.   A $50 contribution will be very effective in our efforts to educate all Oregonians about what has happened to PERS.  Thank you for your interest and your support. 


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